Hike Down the Mountain to the Car

snow o the mountain

Last weeks snow on Wednesday – Thursday brought us 5 inches plus on the mountain. The mountain is beautiful with snow!

Since we know that our road is impossible to drive out when we have snow and ice, I park one car down the mountain that is a little more than a mile hike to and from the house.


The above picture is our drive way, I am hike down to see if we have any trees down.


There are tracks everywhere in the snow, these are coyote tracks.


I hiked all the way to the car and back, no trees down this time. That’s great because the week before with all the sleet we had trees down all across our driveway!

The snow is pretty but I am glad it is gone!! 🙂


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Snow and Ice


mountain snow

Picture taken from our deck as the snow started!

The past week we had a lot of snow and it was very beautiful. On Thursday afternoon late the temperatures to warmed above freezing and started to melt. During the night the temperatures dipped to 21 degrees and all the snow that had started to melt changed to ice.

The ice caused major problems for those that tried to drive their cars, ice and black ice was everywhere. At our home on the mountain the snow also changed to ice but instead of having 14 inches of snow, it melted down to 8 inches of ice. Ice is always a problem especially if you plan to walk or hike on ice.


Yaktrax on my hiking boots.

Many years ago a good friend and I had planned a 25 mile round trip hike along the Appalachian Trail during January near Gatlinburg, TN. We had planned to hike in, camp at an Appalachian Trail shelter and hike out the next day. Along this trail is always lot of ice and snow. To be prepared for hiking in the snow and ice I had packed in my backpack my gaiters and Yaktrax. The Yaktrax were a life saver, the trail was covered in snow and ice. If I had not had the Yaktrax there would have been  no way I could have completed this hike.

snow on the mountain

The hike out to the car.

This week I had parked our car down the mountain which is about a one mile hike in case we had to get out.  I am glad I did because we needed to get out on Friday. The hike to the car would have been extremely dangerous due to all the ice but I had my Yaktrax on my boots and away I went walking on the ice with no problems!

mountain snow

If you have snow and or ice a lot, I would recommend purchasing a pair or two of Yaktrax. They are easy to use, lightweight, and easy to carry with you or keep in your car for emergencies. They easily slide on your shoes and they will provide traction while walking on snow or ice. Great for any age! Here is a link on the Yaktrax, https://www.yaktrax.com/

I hope every has a wonderful Sunday!

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