Cream Cheese Spread for Super Bowl Party


So, what are you serving up for Super Bowl Sunday? If you are looking for a delicious Cream Cheese spread, this recipe is very easy and it is really good! This recipe is a favorite game-day dish for my family, it’s always on the table at our Clemson football game tailgates!  Clemson tiger paw

cream cheese spread recipe

This Cream Cheese spread is the best I have ever had and it is addicting. The more you eat the more you want! 🙂

cream cheese spread ingedients

There are only 4 ingredients.

Let the cream cheese soften. Meanwhile, wash the green onions well, and then finely cut the green onions. When I cut the green onions, I always cut down the stalk before finely cutting so that the pieces are smaller.  Finely cut the dried beef. I like to cut and place both the green onions and dried beef onto a plate so that I can gradually add with the cream cheese.

cream cheese spread beef and green onions

Once the cream cheese has soften enough to work with, slowly add the green onions and beef a little at a time, mixing thoroughly until all of the green onions and beef are incorporated.

mixing cream cheese spread

best ever cream cheese spread recipe

Sprinkle in the Accent Seasoning to your taste, mix Accent Seasoning into the cream cheese mixture. Taste, add more Accent Season, mix, taste, continue until you like the flavor. Cover and place in the fridge over night to allow it to set. This also allows time for all the flavors to combine. When you are ready to serve, remove spread from bowl onto your favorite serving dish. You can cover with chopped pecans if you like. Serve with crackers!

best ever cream cheese spread recipe

2 – 8 oz. packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 – small jar 2.25 oz. of Armour dried beef
5-6 green onions
Accent Seasoning to taste
Box of your favorite crackers

cream cheese spread recipe

This recipe is so delicious I can eat it without the crackers! So, do you have a favorite Super Bowl Recipe?

Enjoy the Game!!

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