Huge Black Bear

huge black bear

We have had more black bears visiting us this year than I can count. This is a huge black bear that I have seen before during early evening hours just before dark. As you can see the picture was taken at 9:22 PM.

I really enjoy my trail camera!!!  Do you have a trail camera? What animal pictures are you capturing on your trail cam?



Beautiful Red Fox

red fox

This is the red fox that likes to hang around out home. Around 6:30 PM most evenings he is in our yard checking out everything and has come within 15 feet of me. I guess he is checking me out too! He is absolutely beautiful, these pictures don’t really show his colors very well.

red fox

He also hangs out on our driveway where I put out corn for the turkey.

red fox


red foxbeautiful red fox

Off he goes looking for food!!

Trails cameras are a lot of fun and you never know what you have on the pictures, great for security too.


Two Red Fox!


trail cam red fox

I wish these pictures had been during the daylight so we could see their beautiful red colors and their huge fluffy red tails! The smaller ref fox has a lot of black on his legs.

red fox trail cam

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

reconyx trail cam red fox pictures

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Red Fox Returns

Red Fox
First Night
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First Night


Yesterday afternoon I decided to move my Reconyx trail camera further into the woods along a trail where I had spotted a Red Fox just last week. I set out two stadium cup full of whole corn and a cup of birdseed.

The first night at this location I ended up with over 100 pictures. I picked out a few pictures to share, two different Red Fox and a huge Coyote! 🙂 Notice the time stamp on all the pictures!

red fox trail cam

There were two different Red Fox last night. Notice that the first three pictures are the same red fox, this one does not have any black on his legs.

reconyx trail cam red fox

red fox trail camera picture

The next three pictures are of a Coyote, he came by two hours after the first red fox. Notice the time on all the pictures.

coyote night trail camera picture

Typical of coyotes, he has a bushy, black-tipped tail, yellow eyes,  long pointed ears and a long muzzle.

coyote picture

coyote picture

The last couple pictures is of another red fox, notice that this one has a lot of black on his legs. He also appears to be smaller in size.

red fox trail cam picture

red fox

After this fox, there was nothing buy raccoons the rest of the night.

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Raccoons, Bring One Bring All

I moved my trail camera to catch the bird feeders so that I could see what was happening during the night. It started early around 10:15 PM and continued all night into the early morning hours.

reccoons reconyx trail cam picture

There was one, then two!

raccoon trail camera picture

Then three!

raccoons trail cam picture

Now it’s starting to get crowded at four!

raccoons trail camera picture

raccoons trail cam picture

Then there were five!


I had more Raccoons pictures than I could have posted, The Raccoons were under the bird feeders all night!

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Red Fox Returns


Yesterday afternoon, I decided it was time to check my trail camera for pictures. There were a lot of pictures on the Sandisk memory card, raccoons, red fox, possum, ground hogs, squirrels, birds, shunk, deer, turkey and coyote.

Red Fox trail camera picture

Here are a few pictures of the Red Fox! The picture just before the red fox there were a couple raccoons in that area! I think he smells the raccoons!

Red Fox

One evening a couple weeks ago I was filling my birdfeeders and I had a beautiful Red Fox walk up within 4-5 feet of me. He was a beautiful red and gray color and I am sure he was looking for food. He just stood there for 2-3 minutes, didn’t seem scared at all and then he walked away back into the woods. I wonder if it is the same fox in these trail cam pictures?

Red Fox Reconyx trail cam picture


red fox


Notice the time stamp on the pictures, after about 6 pictures around 5:36 PM, he returns again at 5:47 PM


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Red Fox

Saturday, December 7, 2013


red fox

We have alot of Red Fox that roam the moutain, many of them we will see in the evening just before sunset. Here are two pictures of red fox that my Reconyx Hyperfire HC600 trail camera caught the last day of October this year around 10:42 PM. The pictures are seconds apart, be sure to double click the pictures to see a full view.

The lights you see in the back ground is our driveway gate.

red fox 

As I hike the mountain around our home I am always on the lookout for fox and coyote dens but I have not found any yet. I am sure there are more than one fox den becuase I have seen at least seven different red fox. If you have never seen a red fox they are really beautiful animals. They are the size of a large dog with a beautiful red fur with cream color on the underside. The Winter fur is dense, soft, silky and relatively long.

The red fox is not always the classic red color. There are many different phase and color variations which give the red fox many different names such as the black fox, the silver fox, cross fox, the samson fox and there are also albinos. Occasionally we will see a gray fox but only about 2-3 times a year.

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bobcat Reconyx trail cam picture

I decided this morning to pull the sandisk memory card from my trail cam and see if I had any good pictures. It is always kinda fun to see what animals have been on our property. I had the usual animals, deer, raccoon, ground hogs, coyotes  and always a lot of turkey. Every now and then I will get a black bear but this is the first time I have gotten a bobcat. I have seen this bobcat many, many times but I have never caught him on the trail cam. The last time I saw this bobcat he came running off our front porch as we drove up our driveway. I figured he was looking for our cats.

These pictures were taken by my Reconyx Hyperfire trail cam mounted on a tree  along my driveway. The lights you see in the background are on our gate. I really enjoy my Reconyx trail cam. Each pictures is date and time stamped in the upper left hand corner, an image of the moon is shown and the temperature.  Look at the time stamp on all these pictures. My trail cam took three pictures in time sequence, then the last picture was taken 2 minutes later than the first three. The bobcat is about 15 to 20 feet from the camera.

bobcat reconyx trail cam picture

The bobcat is the only native wild cat that we have in South Carolina. they generally weigh between 9 and 30 pounds. As you can see they are small but muscular with their hind legs longer than its front legs.

bobcat reconyx trail cam picture

They are very secretive cats and are nocturnal preferring thick wooded areas for hunting. Here in the mountains of South Carolina we have a good many bobcats.


This was the last picture taken of the bobcat.

raccoons at night

Raccoons looking for foood.