Yankee Drills


north brothers yankee hand drill

I enjoy collecting a few old vintage and antique tools. The Yankee drill is one of my favorite antique drills. I can remember when I was a child my dad had one of these and I loved using it. All of these are the No 41, which was one of the most popular Yankee hand drills every made. These are hard to find in our area but all of these I found at garage sales.

north brothers yankee drill

As you can see they are in fairly good shape. What’s great about these is that all three of them still have all of their bits.

Yankee hand drill bits

All three boxes still had the original paper listing all the Yankee Tools that were available at that time.

yankee drill wax paper insert

You can read more about the history of the Yankee style push drills here.

If you have a Yankee drill or collect them, let me know.  If you have any for sale, I might be interested.

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