July 2, 2014

Morning glory

I am not exactly sure what this plant is but it has lovely flowers. You can also see that there are several seed pods. This is a volunteer plant, it came up on it’s own, seeds might have been dropped by birds or maybe carried by the wind.

morning glories

If you can identify this plant, please let me know!!

I get a lot of volunteer seedlings all the time, especially from my Japanese Maples. I pot the Japanese Maples all the time, grow them until they are about 10 inches and give them away.

Do you often get volunteer plants or seedling from your plants and or trees?


Check out my Blue Hydrangea flowers!

blue hydrangea-flower


Best ever pie!  Ooey Gooey Caramel Pie






Fall Blooms


blue and white hydrangea flower

As I walked in the garden this morning I couldn’t help but notice a few late fall flowers blooming. Since we are now having cool mornings with temperatures in the 50’s I didn’t expect to see any flowers. This hydrangea is on the south side of our home and has done well there. It has grow nearly 4 foot high and 4 foot wide.  This was the only flower!

beautiful daisy flower

My wife grows daisies, they have bloomed all summer….. again this was the only daisy flower on this plant.


We have 8 of these plants in the garden and in the Spring they are full of flower, love the fushia color.

white flowers

I am not sure what the name of this plant it, it is a volunteer, some sort of wild flower.

purple wild flowers

This purple wild flower is a volunteer as well, another native wild flower.

beautiful red rose flower

Our roses have done well this year!

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