Mountain Spring Water

Clean Water from our Mountain Spring – There just seems to be something magical about a mountain spring. We have a natural spring on the property producing pure water at a rate of between 50 to 60 gallons a minute during the rainy season and it can be only a trickle the dry months. The water comes from the side of the mountain from a crevice, probably from an aquifer that is over flowing. Filling up a bucket from this spring the water is pure and clean. The water is very cold.

Mountain Spring
Mountain Spring

I thought about installing a pipe from the hole when we have dry weather but decided to leave it alone. We have a creek nearby that might also come from this same aquifer.

Spring water can be the best water you can drink. Nature has the most advanced water filter in existence. Spring water usually contains a beneficial level of minerals. The spring is a gift from Mother Earth and it is free!

This mountain spring is really neat!

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