Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine Bottle Stopper handcrafted Maple Burl and apple green acrylic Michael's Woodcraft

Above, Stabilized Maple Burl and apple green acrylic hybrid.

My wine bottle stoppers are unique because they are recessed. The cork is within the recess of the wood and can not be seen when on the bottle. The wine bottle stopper slides over the top of the bottle, see picture below.

Wine Bottle Stopper - Mple Burl with Purple and white

Above, Maple Burl with Purple and White acrylic

wine bottle stoppehandcrafted Michael's Woodcraft Greenville SC

Above, Stabilized Maple Burl with blue and green acrylic hybrid


Wine Bottle Stopper handcrafted Michael's Woodcraft artsian

Wine Bottle Stoppers handcrafted Stabilized Spalted Hackberry and Box Elder Burl

Above left, Stabilized Natural Spalted Hackberry, on the right is Stabilized Natural Box Elder Burl

handcrafted wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

Above, Stabilized and dyed gold and green wine bottle stopper.

The above picture shows the recessed cork.

Wine Bottle Stopper Michael's Woodcraft

Above, Maple Burl with bright blue and a little white acrylic hybrid

handcrafted wood wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

Above left, Buckeye Burl and Blue acrylic hybrid, on the right is Stabilized Box Elder ~Burl dyed blue.

Wine Bottle Sto Michael's Woodcraftppers Maple Burl and colored acrylic Michael's Woodcraft

Above left, Maple Burl and apple green acrylic hybrid, on the left is Maple Burl with black and gold acrylic

Wine bottle stoppers handcrafted artisian Michael's Woodcraft

Below are a few photos of the hybrid acrylic blocks before turning into wine bottle stoppers.

hybrid acrylic blocks for turning wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

Wine Bottle Stopper Michel's Woodcraft

Above, custom made wine bottle stopper

All of my wine bottle stoppers are made to order, rarely do I have stopper available. Cost varies based on the wood you select or if you like the hybrid which is both wood and acrylic. Prices start at $25 each to $45 each.

Please email me for pricing on the wine bottle stopper you like at