Wood Conditioner


Our food safe Wood Conditioner is a great way to maintain the finish, condition your wooden cutting boards, serving pieces, rolling pins, butcher block counter tops, wood salad bowls and all things wood. Wood Conditioner will revive, condition and protect surface.

Wood Condition is a special blend of 100% food grade mineral oil and 100% food grade pure beeswax. The combination of oil and beeswax adds a protective coat and soft luster to the wood. We recommend applying the Beeswax with a soft cotton cloth. Detailed instructions can be found below.

Wood COnditioner Wood Wax Michael's Woodcrafts

Caring for your board often with Wood Conditioner will protect the surface from bacterial growth, prevents drying and cracking of the wood adding a lustrous finish.

Making lots of Wood Conditioner Michael'S woodcrafts

Wood Conditioner for cutting boards charcuterie board serving boards pizze boards Michael's Woodcraft Greenville SC South Carolina woodwork craftsman

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5 thoughts on “Wood Conditioner

  1. I love wood…but every cutting board I have now is plastic, because everyone kept telling me that germs and bacteria get into wood. Obviously, none of us knew how to care for the wood correctly (conditioner)!

    • Hi Mary,
      I love wood too and I will tell you as long as you properly clean your board, wood cutting boards are safe. I clean my board with squeezed lemon and salt. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze juice on board, apply salt and scrub with the lemon, repeat with the other half of lemon if needed. Then rinse, dry and let air dry for a few hours. Once dried I apply my wood conditioner.

      Glad you visited my site and hope you will come back soon.

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