Bluebirds and Bird Houses

beautiful bluebird perched on deck

Don’t you just love bluebirds!! I love to see all the bluebirds darting across the yard stopping only to pick up bugs along the way. We have several bluebird houses in our garden. This year we had three different nest and all had babies. Looks like one of our birdhouses is going to have two different sets of babies.

The eggs are so blue!

bluebird eggs in nesting box
Bluebird Eggs picture taken May 2013

If you are interested in having a bluebird house in your garden, check out my store page. I handmake two different sizes of the same birdhouse. I use rough sawn cedar, nails, exterior glue and aluminum for the roof cut to fit. The opening for the bluebirds to enter is 1 1/2″. There is a secret door that allows you to clean out the old nest at the end of the season.

Bluebird house mounted on post

rustic bluebird houses on front porch that are painted blue with tin roof

two rustic bluebird houses painted country blue with tin roof

Email me at if you have any questions or visit my Bluebird Houses page.

Did you have bluebirds nest in your birdhouse this year? Please comment, attach pictures. I sure would like to know about your bluebird experiences.



9 thoughts on “Bluebirds and Bird Houses

  1. Hi Michael,

    thanks for vititing my blog! Your bluebird houses are fantastic and so is the photo of your bluebird. 🙂
    Love all birds as well.

    You have a nice blog! 🙂

    Lots of greetings from Germany

    • Hi Christa,
      Thank you so much, I hope you also browsed around to see all pictures and food recipes!

      I enjoyed visiting your site, lot of greeat pictures. Back in 2000 I visted Gremany, traveled most all of Germany, beautiful coutry. I spent most of my time after traveling in a small town of Mosbach, Germany. Where do you live in regards to Mosbach?

  2. Hi Michael! You and I spoke last year about our mutual interest in bluebirds. My eastern bluebirds are back for their third year and are still having house sparrow issues so they have been making new nests in varied locations in my apartment breezeway. A neighbor keeps knocking their nests down. I’ve contacted the US Wildlife office and then spoken to the landlord about the fact that this is a federal offense but I’m thinking of putting up a bluebird house for the little family. There are no trees so I’m I’m thinking of either using a post or attaching it to my building somewhere. What do you recommend.

    • Hi Tommie!! I remember, I hope you are doing great!! I am so glad your bluebirds have return. Bluebirds will generally return to the same nesting site for years. Wow, I hate the neighbor is knocking down the nest, not good! 😦 Any bluebird house made from cedar will work fine. Depending on how you are going to mount it depends on the design. Mounting on top of the post is different than mounting on the side of the post. Be sure to face the front of the bluebird house East or you may not get any birds. It will also need to be around 4 to 5 foot off the ground. Feeding them mealworms near the bird house will help attract them to the house. Bluebirds don’t need trees so mounting to a post will work. I have added another bluebird house design, check it out. Let me know if you have other questions 🙂 Michael

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