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Bon Appetit bread board, cheese board handcrafted Michael's Woodcraft Greenville SC

Above – Very popular Farmers Bread and Cheese Board

Peruvian Wlnut and Maple serving board

Above – Rectangle Boards with Handle

Double handle serving board                                              beautiful-walnut-rectangle-cutting-board

Double Handle Serving Board                                    Rectangle Cutting Board No Handle









Round Cutting Board with Handle


Ambrosia-Maple-Walnut-and-Cherry-cutting-board Michael's Woodcraft Woodwork Greenville SC Walnut cutting board handcrafted                  

Round Boards No Handle                                                                             


wood conditioner, spoon butter, board butter or wood butter in tins, made from mineral oil and beeswax, spoon butter                  Walnut-cheese-board-teardrop-with-handle

Wood Conditioner                                                 Teardrop Walnut Cheeseboard with Handle

food and wine serving boards - Michael's Woodcraft                  Maple cutting board with Walnut Stars inlay

Food and Wine Serving Board                                Round Cuttings Boards with Inlay

NOTE: Pictures are a representation of completed boards, all boards will have similarities to the boards in the photos but can not be exactly duplicated. Naturally, color and grain variations will be different from board to board.

It’s very easy to take care of your board, check out our Wood Conditioner page for care instructions. My Wood Conditioner is an all natural finish and I use it on all my boards but it will not prevent or remove stains. If you are looking for a hard finish I would suggest a ‘Salad Bowl’ finish. It is a hard and glossy finish and will last a long time, it will also help to prevent staining of the wood. The Salad Bowl finish is food safe but like all finishes it will eventually wear. The Salad Bowl finish is more costly, requires 4-5 coats and takes 24 hours to dry between each coat. The Salad Bowl finish can appear to have streaking, it is a glossy finish. If you are interest in the Salad Bowl finish, email me and I will be glad to give you a quote.


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