Bottle Openers

Maple burl and resin stainless steel bottle opener. The blue and white swirls look beautiful together. Handcrafted, hand turned on the lathe by Michael's Woodcraft woodwork artist Greenville SC

Hand turned Maple Burl with resin handle Bottle Openers. Great for opening bottle sodas, beer and more!

The maple burl is stabilized and then I cast it with resin in a mold. Once it cures I then hand turn them on a wood lathe to shape and size. The openers are then finished and polished to a high shine and then paired with Stainless Steel Bottle opener hardware that is Made in America. The stainless steel bottle opener hardware can be removed for cleaning.

Bottle opener with maple burl wood and resin filled with gold leaf handcrafted by Michael's Woodcrafts

Handcrafted bottle opener with maple burl and color resin and stainless steel hardware, beer bottle opener by Michael's Woodcrafts

Bottle opener with maple burl wood and resin filled with redwood tree pine cones handcrafted by Michael's Woodcrafts, Greenville SC

Opener stands approximately 4.5″ tall and approximately 1.25″ wide at the end of the handle. These are a perfect fit to your hand making it east to grip for opening and removing that bottle cap! Great to have around for picnics, parties and they also make a very nice unique gift!

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