Engraved Catchall Trays

engraved catchall tray

I have been making catchall trays for only about 2 months now. Since then I have made over 200 trays with “custom” engraving, many different sizes and another 80 that were ordered with one of my already engraving designs.

Above is my “I love you” catchall tray, this one is 6″ X 6″ square and 5/8″ inside. I originally made this one for a shop in Blowing Rock, NC but it has become very popular.

Engraved Catchall tray wood Valet tray

The above tray was a custom engraving order, they wanted a 3D heart in the middle with engraving on the heart. I have also engraved monogram letters on the heart for others.

engraved catchall tray, engraved valet tray

engraved catchall tray

Engraved Catchall Tray




Wood Catchall Trays

Wood Catchall tray engraved walnut Michaels Woodcraft

I recently started making Catchall trays. Each tray I handcraft from a solid piece of walnut. They have beautifully rounded corners, sanded perfectly smooth and then the bottom is engraved with various designs. My wife using one to keep her watch and rings in everyday.

The catchall trays are great for holding small items such as glasses, watches, rings, earrings, thumb drives, car keys, coins,  cell phone & charger, paperclips, thumbtacks, etc., the list is endless. It keeps all those everyday handy items within reach. They make great gifts!

wood catchall tray pineapple engravings Michaels Woodcraft

The pineapple engraving takes a long time to do but this one is very popular along with the engraved honey bees!!

Wood catc all trays in Walnut Michaels Woodcraft

The trays are 8″ long and 4″ wide and I currently only make them using solid walnut.


Wood Catchall trays

I can also engrave the bottom surface with a special message!

wood catchall tray tiger paw engravings Michaels Woodcraft

Engraved Tiger paw!

Wood Catchall tray with carve bottom Michael's Woodcraft

The above Catchall tray has a carved bottom.

wood catchall trays

The tray with Live, Laugh, Love was a custom engraved, special order for a customer that was a gift to a friend. Now that I have this one set-up I can easily repeat this engraving.

Catchall trays engraved catch all tray in walnut Michaels Woodcraft

I am working on a larger size catchall tray for another customer, so if you would like a custom size or shape please let me know.

I currently have the following engravings but can do custom engraving.
Carved bottom
Flip Flops
Four Leaf Clovers
Honey Bees
Live Laugh Love
Tiger Paws

They make great gifts! Wood Catchall Trays

Enjoy Your Weekend!!

Honey Sticks

Engraved Honey Sticks Michaels Woodcraft

Honey Sticks, engraved honey sticks, Michaels Woodcraft

Above: walnut wood honey sticks


I have started making my Honey Sticks again in Walnut and Cherry wood. New design plus engraving. The holes are honey cone shaped and adding engraving makes them unique and special. I can also do custom engraving for you if you like!

Engraved Honey Sticks, honey dipper sticks

These Honey Sticks work great for dipping honey!


engraved cherry honey sticks

Above: Cherry wood honey sticks

personalized engraved wooden honey sticks ichaels Woodcraft



Honey Sticks

Honey Sticks


Honey Sticks

Enter a caption



Honey Sticks Michael's Woodcraft

Check out my Honey Sticks, click this link;  Honey Sticks


Below: Walnut catchall trays


Catchall tray engraved walnut Michaels Woodcraft


wood catchall tray pineapple engravings Michaels Woodcraft








One of a Kind Handcrafted Wood Wine Stoppers

Wine Bottle Stopper handcrafted Maple Burl and apple green acrylic Michael's Woodcraft

Wine Bottle Stoppers Michael's Woodcraft Greenville SC

Handcrafted Wine Bottle Stoppers!

wine bottle stoppehandcrafted Michael's Woodcraft Greenville SC

Wine bottle stoppers Stabilized Box Elder Burl Michael's Woodcraft

Above: Stabilized Box Elder Burl natural

handcrafted wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

Above: Dyed gold and green Box Elder  Burl wine bottle stoppers

handcrafted wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

Wine Bottle Sto Michael's Woodcraftppers Maple Burl and colored acrylic Michael's Woodcraft

Happy Valentines everyone!

Since New Year’s I have not spent much time in the shop which has given me some time to think about my work and how precious and valuable our time is.

wood wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

Over the years I have made a lot of wine bottle stoppers on my wood lathe. The problem has always been once on the wind bottle, they were to tall to get into the fridge without lowering the fridge shelf. I’ve solved this problem by designed a recessed wine bottle stopper. I’ve made the cork disappear inside the wood turning. They have turned out beautiful! Check them out…

Unique wooden wine bottle stopper Michael's Woodcraft


Above; all of these were handcrafted with the combination of Black Ash Eye Burl, Padauk and Black Veneer.

Handcrafted wine bottle stopper Michael's Woodcraft

Above: Wine Bottle Stopper handcrafted with Maple Burl stabilized and dyed green along with African Blackwood. Photo above by Bob Bernotsky

Handcrafted Wine Bottle Stopper - Yellow Ceadr burl Michael's Woodcraft

I want to share a few pictures of the wine bottle stoppers I have turned. Each one is unique but the design is similar.

Handturned wood Wine Bottle Stopper Black Ask Eye Burl and Padauk

Close up picture showing the burl wood grain and the recessed cork.

Handcrafted wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

The above two I made using Maple Burl and blue dyed Busheye Burl. I wanted to see how the blue dyed Buckeye Burl would look when finished.

Handcrafted wood wine bottle stopper

Above, African Blackwood, Holly and Hybrid Maple Burl and Blue Acrylic


The above picture is an African Blackwood, Padauk and Holly wine bottle stopper in progress of being turned on my lathe.

wood wine bottle stoppers - Michael's Woodcraft

Above, African Blackwood, Padauk and Holly

unique wood handturned wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

unique wood handcrafted wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

above, left to right:
Maple Burl, African Blackwood and Holly
Dyed Blue Maple Burl, African Blackwood and Holly
Dyed Teal Maple Burl, African Blackwood and Holly
Black Ash Eye Burl, African Blackwood and Holly
Padauk, African Blackwood and Holly

Handcrafted Wood Wine Bottle Stoppers

Below, a few pictures showing my Wine Bottle Stoppers being finished on the lathe.

Maple Burl Dyed Blue Wine Bottle Stopper

Maple Dyed Blue Wine Bottle Stopper

Maple Dyed Violet Wine Bottle Stopper

Maple Dyed Violet Wine Bottle Stopper

Maple Dyed Blue Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine Bottle Stopper in progress Maple burl and apple green acrylic Michael's woodcraft

handcrafted wood wine bottle stoppers Michael's Woodcraft

handcrafted wine bottle stopper in progress Michael's Woodcraft

above, handcrafted wine bottle stopper in progress on the lathe. Stabilized Box Elder Burl dyed teal.

Wine Bottle Stoppers handcrafted Stabilized Spalted Hackberry and Box Elder Burl

Above, left stabilized natural Spalted Hackberry, right stabilized natural Box Elder Burl


More unique wine bottle stoppers coming soon!


Be sure to check out my cutting boards!

Walnut Serving Board Veggie Pizza



Overnight Cinnamon French Toast Bake


If you enjoy French Toast, you will like this easy overnight recipe.

1 load of French bread, cubed

8 eggs

3 cups of milk

1 Tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1 Tbsp vanilla

1/4 cup melted butter

2/3 cup confectioners sugar

extra ingredients that you may like that I include,

1/3 cup of pecans

1/2 Tsp cinnamon


Arrange the bread cubes in a lightly greased 9 x 13 baking dish.

Beat eggs, milk, sugar, salt and vanilla in a bowl until frothy. Add pecan and cinnamon if you like. Drizzle slowly over all the bread

Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge 6 to 36 hours.


Heat oven to 350 degree F. Remove plastic wrap and the loosely cover with aluminum foil. Bake for 45 to 50 minutes depending on your oven. We like our French Toast a little brown on top so after baking I will place under the broiler for 2-3 minutes.


Baste with the melted butter and sprinkle with confectioners sugar. Return to over for 5 minutes.


Easy recipe, I hope you give this one a try even if you don’t like French Toast!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Black Walnut and Maple end grain board.