Wood Catchall Trays

Wood Catchall tray engraved walnut Michaels Woodcraft

I recently started making Catchall trays. Each tray I handcraft from a solid piece of walnut. They have beautifully rounded corners, sanded perfectly smooth and then the bottom is engraved with various designs. My wife using one to keep her watch and rings in everyday.

The catchall trays are great for holding small items such as glasses, watches, rings, earrings, thumb drives, car keys, coins,  cell phone & charger, paperclips, thumbtacks, etc., the list is endless. It keeps all those everyday handy items within reach. They make great gifts!

wood catchall tray pineapple engravings Michaels Woodcraft

The pineapple engraving takes a long time to do but this one is very popular along with the engraved honey bees!!

Wood catc all trays in Walnut Michaels Woodcraft

The trays are 8″ long and 4″ wide and I currently only make them using solid walnut.


Wood Catchall trays

I can also engrave the bottom surface with a special message!

wood catchall tray tiger paw engravings Michaels Woodcraft

Engraved Tiger paw!

Wood Catchall tray with carve bottom Michael's Woodcraft

The above Catchall tray has a carved bottom.

wood catchall trays

The tray with Live, Laugh, Love was a custom engraved, special order for a customer that was a gift to a friend. Now that I have this one set-up I can easily repeat this engraving.

Catchall trays engraved catch all tray in walnut Michaels Woodcraft

After months of hard work and dedication, my NEW website is live!! I would love it if you would go take a look, here is the link:  MichaelsWoodcrafts



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