Handcrafted Ice Cream Scoop


Above picture taken by Tricia who is a wonderful baker, and cook. She makes the most delicious pies too and loves to blog. Check out her site Saving Room For Dessert


Engraved Ice Cream Scoop Michaels Woodcraft

Above, NEW stainless steel hardware

Please note, the manufacturer of the stainless steel ice cream scoop hardware has changed the design. Effective March 1, 2017, all orders will include the stainless steel hardware shown


An Ice Cream scoop is the perfect gift for ice cream lovers!

My hand turned ice cream scoops and paddle scoops are one of a kind. Each handle can be a bit different. I use the best hardware available, stainless steel scoop and aluminum paddle hardware. These are the ultimate scoops and paddles, both are heavy duty with a beautiful handcrafted handle. The heavy duty handle allows for a firm grip and scoops that frozen treat easily.

Each handled is handcrafted one at a time. I use both local and exotic woods to make these beautiful hand turned wood handle.



Above, Curley Figured Walnut with Blackwood

personalized engraved ice cream scoop walnut

personalized engraved ice cream scoop walnut





The above  scoop was purchased by a customer who works with Coach Mark Turgeon with the University of Maryland as a gift for him.



Photo credit Tricia Buice

handcrafted ice cream scoop

Above two pictures taken by Tricia who is a wonderful baker, and cook. She makes the most delicious pies too and loves to blog. Check out her site Saving Room For Dessert


The above picture was taken by Suzanne at apuginthekitchen. Visit Suzanne’s site, she is a great cook and writer for Food52. This scoop was make with hard rock maple, black veneer and redheart wood is. Redheart wood is no longer available as it is hard to find.


Paddle Scoops! You may choose from the old time paddle scoop hardware or the regular ice cream scoop hardware.

Engraved old fashion ice cream paddle scoop




Above,  I have two Whimsical Ice Cream Scoop handles that I make, Patriot and Caribbean Sea. Both are made from colored laminate wood.

whimsical ice cream scoop      engraved ice cream scoop

Above: Patriot                                                       Above: Caribbean Waves

Hard rock Maple and Whimsical (colored wood)  Ice Cream Scoops;

Whimsical Patriot Scoop     $40.00 each

Caribbean Waves                   $40.00 each

*Whimsical Caribbean Sea is no longer available due to the manufacturer no longer making this color wood.

Each scoop is made to order, usually ships in 7 to 10 days.

To order please email me at michaelswoodcraft@yahoo.com along with the quantity and your ship to address. I will email you back with order details and payment options.


above: Hard Rock Maple and padauk with black veneer Paddle or Ice Cream scoops are      $40.00 each


above: Curly Walnut and Blackwood      $41.00 each

 engraved maple and padauk ice cream scoop

above: Hard rock Maple and Padauk ice cream scoop  $40

Please note, the manufacturer of the stainless steel ice cream scoop hardware has changed the design. Effective March 1, 2017, all orders will include the stainless steel hardware shown in the pictures below:

Engraved Ice Cream Scoop

Personalized engraved Ice Cream Scoop Wedding Gift

Ice Cream Scoop

Please allow 5 to 10 days for handcrafted ice cream scoops. Each handle can be slightly different since each handle is hand turned.

My handcrafted scoops measure approximately 10 inches long. The wood handle is finished with numerous coats of a semi-gloss 100% food safe finish before being assembled with the polished stainless steel scoop.


If you would like the ice cream handle engraved, please contact me by email for pricing and lead time. Send me the text you would like engraved for quote. Max characters will depend on the font selected.

Font choices include:
Times New Roman
Amaze Bold

If you are unsure of the font, click this link to see more engraving ideas, Engraved Ice Cream Scoops

Check our engraving page for current lead time on personalizing and engraving, Engraving.

For ordering, please email me at Michaelswoodcraft@yahoo.com with the following details, Handle design, if you want engraving include the text and font. I will also need your shipping address to give you the shipping cost.





Photo taken by Tricia Buice.


personalized engraved ice cream scoop Michael's Woodcraft



The above scoop was a wedding gift!





engraved-ice-cream-scoops-Michael's-Woodcraft      Engraved-ice-cream-scoop-michael's-woodcraft



The above ice cream scoop was a wedding gift and had a lot of engraving both on the topside and backside.


Be sure to read a few of the things that people are saying about my work! Testimonials  There have also been many bloggers that have posted about my work or used pictures of my work in their post, Find Us.

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ExclamationIce cream scoops make great Wedding gifts!! If you would like a longer custom made handle to reach into your ice cream churn, send me an email for a price. Click here to email me.


Rinse stainless scoop. Use mild dish soap on stainless or aluminum scoop, warm water and low-abrasion. Sponge to clean your handle, do not put in dishwasher.


Dry the surface immediately with a towel. Then, allow to air-dry completely on a dish rack.


Keep your handle away from heat, such as stovetop. Do not let the wood stay in contact with damp surfaces.


* Every order ships with care instructions!



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17 thoughts on “Handcrafted Ice Cream Scoop

  1. Hi, I’m looking to order a custom ice cream scoop for my Dad on his birthday. Please email me if this is possible.These are great! Thanks!

  2. Hi Micheal. I need a Christmas present for my grandma and your ice cream scoopers are perfect. I’d like to order one of the “two scoops of “heart”. Thanks!

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