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We live in the beautiful mountains of northern Greenville, South Carolina. For more than 35 years, I have owned an operated my woodshop and sign shop and have always enjoyed working with my hands. Most days I spend in the shop is started by planning ahead and reviewing orders, and finishing up the previous days work, selecting raw lumber for the next projects or purchasing supplies. When purchasing hardwoods, I purchase the best quality hardwoods available,  most often I will pay a higher price but in return I get the best quality hardwoods.

Each piece of wood is different in grain and color even if the wood is the same species. I work with highly figured walnut, cherry, maple, ambrosia maple, birds-eye maple along with some imported and stabilized woods as needed depending on the project. Sourcing sustainably managed forests lumber.

A combination of power tools and hand tools are used in the shop handcrafting each piece. Sanding is all done by hand which takes an incredible amount of time to get each piece smooth and ready for final finish. Applying the finish is also done by hand, this is where the character and grain of the wood is really revealed.

Over 35 years of woodworking and custom sign experience, craftsmanship, skill, knowledge and understanding of wood and working along other woodworking craftsman and artisans help me to create beautiful heirlooms every day. Handcrafted heirloom lasting a lifetime!

My work is unique and will help to make your home inviting. An inviting home that is warm, full of love and were family and friends are always welcome is the best feeling in the world. Home cooked meals, desserts, fellowship, love of family and friends make our home a Happy Home.


Beautiful home cooked food deserves to be beautifully presented. My handmade cutting boards and serving boards are perfect for preparing food and serving straight to the table. A good cutting board belongs in every kitchen. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining guest on a regular basis, you may want to have multiple boards for cutting, cheese tasting, pizzas, hors d’oeuvres, wine tasting and dessert displays.

walnut maple and cherry cutting boards serving boards cheese boards

You will find numerous photos of my work throughout my website. Please go to my Contact page to email me if you are interested in having something made or if you have questions, or click this link michaelswoodcraft@yahoo.com

thank you, Michael


Cheese Boards

Black Walnut cutting board









Above; board in progress!





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Meet Lizzie and Leo! Lizzie is our calico and Leo is her baby son! Lizzie is around 6 years old and Leo is 3 years old. They are both good hunters and often bring lizards and mice to the front door, trying to sneak them inside.

Lizzie and Leo




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    • thank you so much! I was cruising around today and found your site too! I have 4 pair of reading glasses and I am always can’t find where I put them!! Joke around our house is they got in the recycle with all the newspaper! 🙂

  2. Hi Michael–I just wanted to let you know that I am passing the torch to you–I received the very Inspiring Blogger Award this morning and now I wish to, in turn share and pass the honor to you—Congratulations my friend
    May you continue sharing with us all your gifts and talents—
    hugs to you_ Julie

    • Hi Julie! I hope you guys are ready for the snow? It all started here around 5:00 and we have 1 inch already, we are suppose to get 10 to 12 inches. We are ready for it but don’t really want it. This snow will be on top of the snow we got on Monday evening.

      Thank YOU!! for passing along the Inspiring Blogger Award, I have never been one to accept awards. I saw your post today but is there a link that I can read about all of this too?

      Big hugs, stay warm!

      • Hi Michael–here’s a link to Stuart’s post today regarding his award and how he went about it and he in turn provide a link back to who honored him—it can be a bit troublesome but in some ways I like it because it will bring people by to visit who may not have otherwise stumbled our way

        We’ve had rain, more rain and more rain, accented with sleet, freezing rain and occasional snow—supposedly we are to have snow overnight—I’ll believe it when I see it—I’m ready for spring!!!! The schools have been called on three separate occasions for snow that never materialized….
        I just want you to know that I do find your blog amazing and I have been gently blessed by following it—
        Hugs and love Michael—Julie

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