Growing Seedless Grapes

neptune seedless grape bunches on the vine
Neptune Seedless Grapes

Two years ago I purchased three table grape vines. I spent hours using a manual post digger, installing the post, mixing concrete and then installing the wire between posts. Once the trellis was done, I started work on digging the holes for the vines. The grower had sent me instructions for digging the holes and the soil requirements by email before the vines arrived. Digging the holes took me awhile; it was suggested to dig the hole 4 feet deep and 3 feet in diameter, so I did.

After getting the three holes dug, I started working on the soil mixture. This was easy compare to all the other work. Now I was waiting for the grape vines to arrive. I had purchase seedless table grapes, one of each, Mars, Neptune and Red Flame. I select these because they are supposed to do well in my area, zone 6 in South Carolina.

Mars is a blue seedless slip skin, has large fruit that is very sweet. Mars grapes are good for making jam, wine and jelly. Neptune pictured above, is a yellow-green seedless grape and has large clusters. Very sweet medium size fruit, Red Flame is a red seedless grape. Very popular in our area and is also sweet with medium size fruit. Mars fruit ripens first in mid-July and the others ripen about 25 days later.

I purchased 3 year vines for Mars and Neptune, 2 year vine for Red Flame back in 2011 hoping that the larger plants would give me fruit by 2013. I let Mars and Neptune produce fruit this year, trimming back 50% of the fruit but the vines were still full.

I am very pleased with the vines, their growth and it was a lot easier than I thought. Neptune had more grapes than Mars, it’s so nice to go into the yard and pick your own grapes. I can’t wait till next year!

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