Clemson Tiger Football


The Clemson Tigers Clemson tiger paw played the Louisville Cardinals at Clemson University yesterday afternoon. It was a 3:30 game that didn’t finish until 7:05 PM.  It was a beautiful day but it was extremely hot, 82 degrees. Our seats are on the Northside so we are in direct sun until around 5:15 PM.

As you can tell in the pictures Clemson colors are orange!!! There were 81,500 attending this game yesterday!


I took the first two pictures just before the game started with the band on the field and just before the team ran down the hill! Louisville has the #1 defense in the country before playing Clemson. Clemson held Louisville t0 264 yards and created 11 penalties for 65 yards.


The game went down to the fourth quarter but Clemson tiger paw Clemson was able to win 23 to 17.

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18 thoughts on “Clemson Tiger Football

  1. Go Tigers and “HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS”!!!!
    I couldn’t resist 🙂
    You are certainly a diehard fan braving the heat—imagine those poor players on the field as the field is 15 to 25 degrees hotter than the stands!!!
    It was a great football weekend indeed—and congrats to all the Mississippi fans for two outstanding teams!!
    WooooHoooo for college football 🙂
    Hugs form a DAWG fan 🙂

      • My husband has heard of Clemson and said they have a good team. We have UB Bulldogs and it is a small college for football. Known more for Science than sports. So I am always amazed to see such a turnout for a college game.

        • Yes, they do have a good team again this year. I have heard of UB but I don’t know much about their program. Clemson has always had a great turnout, most games the attendance inside the stadium is normally over 85,000, I have been to games where there were no seats left. It hold 90,000 seats. There are a lot off fans that come just to tailgate and never go inside but watch the game on TV at their parking space!

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