Round Cutting Boards – Cheese Boards – Serving Boards


above: photo credit Tricia Buice

Beautiful Round Boards!

Handcrafted round boards with handle. This board could be used as a cutting boards, cheese board or serving board. Round cutting boards are great in any kitchen, great for entertaining with friends for serving  your favorite cheeses, meats and fruits. Great for your everyday kitchen chopping and slicing too.

They are available in Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Birds Eye Maple or a combination of Walnut, Maple and Cherry with or without the hole. I  sometimes have Ambrosia Maple and Quilted Maple on hand too, just ask!


Above: Photo credit Tricia Buice


These boards are 3/4 inch thick and are available in 8 inch, 10, 12 or 15 inch diameter. There are three handle designs, be sure to pick which design you like the best. Each board comes with a hole in the handle, let me know if you do not want the hole. Each board is hand sanded to a smooth finish then finished with numerous coats of food safe mineral oil then top coated with mineral oil and beeswax.

Makes a very nice gift for someone who likes to cook and entertain family and friends.


Above: Photo credit Tricia Buice


above photo credit Carolyn Himes, Carolyn Himes Imagery


above photo credit Carolyn Himes, Carolyn Himes Imagery


Walnut Cherry and Ambrosia Maple cuttinng board

The above cutting board is Walnut, Cherry and Ambrosia Maple. The Ambrosia Maple is the white color wood with the gray, black and tan color streaking.

Walnut serving board - cheese board Michael's Woodcraft

Above, Peruvian Walnut and hard rock Maple


Above: Photo credit Tricia Buice


Black Walnut boards with  engraving on handle! Please allow an additional 3 to 5 days for engraving.

walnut-round-cheese-board-with-handle-and-hole-for-display  quilted-flame-maple-round-cheese-board-with-handle  quiled-flamed-maple-round-cheese-board-with-handle  cheese-boards  walnut-cheese-board  quilted-maple-cheese-boards

Walnut                           Quilted Maple

round wlnut cutting board            handcrafted-cutting-board-with-handle          handcrafted-walnut-cutting-board-vintage-style-with--handle           stack-of-handcrafted-walnut-cutting-boards-with-handle


Above: Photo credit Tricia Buice


Personalized engraved board

ambrosia maple cuttinng board

The above board was handcrafted using Ambrosia Maple. Ambrosia Maple has streaking that adds that extra character to the board. Ambrosia Maple color ranges from pinkish to light white with streaking.



Above: Peruvian Walnut and Ambrosia Maple board


Cherry-cutting-boards           Walnut-round-cheese-board-with-handle


beautiful-walnut-cutting-boards           cheese-boards-serving-boards

Walnut                                                                                        Walnut

Birdseye-Maple-cheese-board           Walnut-cutting-board

Birds Eye Maple                                                    Walnut

maple-cutting-boards           birds-eye-maple-board

Maple Boards, 12″, 10″  and 8″                        Birds Eye Maple

Ambrosia-maple-walnut-and-cherry-cutting-board           Cherry 15-inch-cutting-board

Ambrosia Maple, Walnut & Cherry                           Cherry


Ambrosia Maple, Cherry and Walnut board, handle #1, no hole


Above picture: Custom made, Walnut cheese board with recessed plate

8 inch Board

10 inch Board

12 inch Board

14 inch

15 inch Board

16 inch Board

Pricing above includes choices of the following woods, Walnut, Maple  and Cherry, or a combination of Walnut, Maple and Cherry with or without the hole. All boards are approximately 3/4″ thick or slightly thicker.

If you are interested in Ambrosia Maple, Quilted Maple and or Birdseye Maple just ask and I can price it for you! Ambrosia Maple color ranges from pinkish to light white with streaking.

All of my work is handcrafted one at a time once I receive an order. Please allow 7 to 12 days.

*Please Note, please specify, #1 thru #5

1 – Size, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 or 16 inch

2 – Type of wood

3 – Handle Design, see picture below for handle design, specify #1, #2, #3 or #4.  Add $1.50 for long handle #4

4 – With or without hole?

cutting boards    Michael's woodcraft long handle cutting board

Most all walnut boards have curly figure grain, there can be small knots and pin holes.  Ambrosia Maple will always have small pin holes that we will do our best to fill. However, there could be s few that will not get filled or are impossible to fill.

I might have boards in stock, if not, each board is handcrafted on at a time,  there could be a 7 to 10 day lead time.


The above is a Long Handle Board!




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