Siebold Elegans Hostas

siebold elegans hosta


This is a beautiful grouping of Siebold Elegans Hosta that I spotted today at Furman University. It was the best day ever for photography, 70 degrees, light breeze and sunshine.

My daughter Lauren is getting married in June and today was her day for wedding dress pictures. She is so beautiful in her dress! Our first stop was Furman University, pictures among the huge 100 year old growth oak trees, then in front of the fountains, then the Rose garden!  When the photographer was done, he had taken over 1200 photos, I took over 150.

siebold elegans hosta

These hosta were growing under the huge old growth oak trees, aren’t they beautiful!!!






21 thoughts on “Siebold Elegans Hostas

  1. Congratulations on your daughter’so wedding , Michael ! What an exciting time this must be for the whole family . The work you’ve been photographing lately is simply gorgeous . Love the cherry burl slab. There is no end to the amazing wood available is there ?

  2. I was just outside wondering if the deer were going to eat all my hostas again this year like they did last. I didn’t see any damage yet but someone nipped the unopened bud from a pink lady’s slipper.
    Congratulations to your daughter and your new son in law! The board is beautiful. Is it a wedding present?

    • I sure hope the deer don’t get your hostas! I worry about that too, last year they did not bother them but they ate my grape vines and grapes. Thank you, my daughter is very happy! The board in the post is not but I have made her a very nice end grain board! 🙂

  3. They are lovelier. Lovelier still, I bet, is your Lauren in her beautiful dress.

    Are you excited?

    I know she must be, of course — but how are Papa and Mama doing?

        • I can’t remember if I mentioned to you but I have triplets, two girls and a son. My son is married, my daughter was married, she lost her husband about a year ago in a terrible accident. Lauren is the last to get married and yes I am getting the jitters when I really think about it. I am sure I will have them the day before and the day of the wedding!! We are happy for her and can’t wait to celebrate! 🙂

        • I didn’t know the other two were married. I am terribly sorry about the loss of your other daughter’s husband, Michael. How painful that must be.

          How joyful Lauren’s wedding day will be. Our family is happy for you and we look forward to seeing some pix.

        • Yes, I have two grandchildren from my son and his wife and one son from Jennifer. Jennifer’s husband was a Marine, he did two tours and was in a freak motorcycle accident while home going 15 miles per hour. It has been really tough on everyone, we loved him very much. We all can’t wait for Lauren’s special day! Thank you Cynthia 🙂

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