Engraved Catchall Trays

engraved catchall tray

I have been making catchall trays for only about 2 months now. Since then I have made over 200 trays with “custom” engraving, many different sizes and another 80 that were ordered with one of my already engraving designs.

Above is my “I love you” catchall tray, this one is 6″ X 6″ square and 5/8″ inside. I originally made this one for a shop in Blowing Rock, NC but it has become very popular.

Engraved Catchall tray wood Valet tray

The above tray was a custom engraving order, they wanted a 3D heart in the middle with engraving on the heart. I have also engraved monogram letters on the heart for others.

engraved catchall tray, engraved valet tray

engraved catchall tray

Engraved Catchall Tray



Wood Catchall Trays

Wood Catchall tray engraved walnut Michaels Woodcraft

I recently started making Catchall trays. Each tray I handcraft from a solid piece of walnut. They have beautifully rounded corners, sanded perfectly smooth and then the bottom is engraved with various designs. My wife using one to keep her watch and rings in everyday.

The catchall trays are great for holding small items such as glasses, watches, rings, earrings, thumb drives, car keys, coins,  cell phone & charger, paperclips, thumbtacks, etc., the list is endless. It keeps all those everyday handy items within reach. They make great gifts!

wood catchall tray pineapple engravings Michaels Woodcraft

The pineapple engraving takes a long time to do but this one is very popular along with the engraved honey bees!!

Wood catc all trays in Walnut Michaels Woodcraft

The trays are 8″ long and 4″ wide and I currently only make them using solid walnut.


Wood Catchall trays

I can also engrave the bottom surface with a special message!

wood catchall tray tiger paw engravings Michaels Woodcraft

Engraved Tiger paw!

Wood Catchall tray with carve bottom Michael's Woodcraft

The above Catchall tray has a carved bottom.

wood catchall trays

The tray with Live, Laugh, Love was a custom engraved, special order for a customer that was a gift to a friend. Now that I have this one set-up I can easily repeat this engraving.

Catchall trays engraved catch all tray in walnut Michaels Woodcraft

I am working on a larger size catchall tray for another customer, so if you would like a custom size or shape please let me know.

I currently have the following engravings but can do custom engraving.
Carved bottom
Flip Flops
Four Leaf Clovers
Honey Bees
Live Laugh Love
Tiger Paws

They make great gifts! Wood Catchall Trays

Enjoy Your Weekend!!

Site Down for Maintenance



I have  been blogging for over a year now and have decided that it is time to change up my blog. After spending a lot of time looking at all my options I have decided to stay with WordPress for now and change themes, which also changes the layout, image sizes and navigation too, etc.

My plan is to take the site down starting sometime Thursday evening and I hope to be back up no later than Tuesday but sooner if I can. I hope I am giving myself enough time to get this done, so be patient. You might start to see some minor changes before I take the site down.

I’ll be back so please check back on Tuesday or sooner for a fresh new look!

Clemson Tigers play the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday.  Go Tigers! Clemson tiger paw

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend!


Pileated Woodpeckers Hammer



I have been watching the Pileated Woodpeckers hammer this tree for a few days now. This tree is nearly rotten and appears to be full of beetles. They continue to whittle this tree to eat the beetles.

base of tree pileated woodpeckers

I have seen two Pileated Woodpeckers on this time at the same time, male and female. Every time I try to sneak up to take pictures of them on this tree they fly away. All of my pictures were blurry so I don’t have a picture to share with you.

You can see a previous post I did on the Pileated Woodpecker last year, click this link Pileated Woodpecker 🙂 Below is a picture that I took last year.

beautiful pileated woodpecker

The pileated woodpecker is the largest woodpecker and is very beautiful!

pileated woodpeckers destroy tree

They can really destroy a tree in no time at all.

Enjoy your weekend!


Walnut Slabs


I had time today to check a few boards for nails. After cutting a couple boards to shorter lengths I ran them thru the planner. A couple passes thru the planner on each side was all I needed to do to get the boards planned.

If you missed my previous post about this walnut, check out the before pictures in my previous post from yesterday, Wood Gloat and now the after pictures in this post.

live edge walnut

I was very happy to see what I had, great color, light and dark browns, a little black streaking and red streaking with cream color running down the edges. Beautiful colors, grain and character too!

live edge walnut

I wiped a little of tung oil on one of the boards to bring out the colors, I can only believe that the remaining boards will be just as good or better. I am very pleased and super happy with what I found, just excellent!! This walnut will be excellent for a nice piece of furniture.

My wife took one look at the walnut and also thought is was very beautiful and then asked me to make her a new stepping stool. I made her a stepping stool many years ago using red oak which she uses in the kitchen all the time. So my first project will be making my wife Debbie a new stool. This afternoon I sketched out three designs for her to look at but she is having a hard time deciding which one she likes the best.

So, I’ve decided that I will post my process of making the stepping stool from start to finish which will be in multiple post. My first post will be coming soon!

My Work

Click picture below to link for more information about my cutting boards!

solid Walnut cutting board       rectangle cutting board