Beautiful Sunrise


beautiful sunrise

Good evening everyone!

I hope everyone feeling the brutal cold temperatures and maybe bad winter weather is in a safe and warm place tonight. Last night we had a low temperature of 3 degrees with wind chill temperatures up and down around minus -1o to -17 degrees. The wind was blowing on the mountain all night long. As I write this post, our temperature is already at 17 degrees but the wind is not blowing as strong as last night.

Last Saturday, as the fog was lifting we had the most beautiful sunrise .



21 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunrise

  1. What an amazing sunrise, and you captured it so beautifully. Just brutal weather. Our high today was around 22 or 23, and we didn’t get nearly as cold as you all did on the mountain last night. Warmth is on the way 😉

    A friend came over yesterday and enjoyed handling your cutting boards. She agrees that they are so smooth they feel like silk. She loves them, too.
    Best wishes, WG

    • You stay warm too, looks like it get warmer for everyone by the weekend. I had someone that is your friend email me about the boards, wanting one for their daughter that is in cooking school! thank you 😉

      • That is great news, Michael . She who contacted you is a close friend with several lovely, talented daughters; all who appreciate beautiful handcrafted things in their homes. The one who cooks is also an artist who sells her work internationally. Best wishes for a good day. My husband is insisting I wear plenty of layers when I head outside with the camera 😉

  2. Hi there. You had stopped by a blog of mind that I’ve been in the process of transferring and deleting. I just noticed your comment from that site and wanted you to know that I enjoyed reading it. You have a nice blog here!

    • Hi Elisa, thank you for letting me know you transferred your blog, I have bookmarked your new blog. I also want to thank you for taking time to visit by blog and posting a comment. I hope you get a chance to visit again! 🙂

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