Shrimp Boats

shrimp boats hilton head sc

These shrimp boats are docked at the Crazy Crab Seafood restaurant in Hilton Head South Carolina.  They trawl for shrimp from May to December and all the shrimp they catch is used at the restaurant. Crazy Crab has really good seafood and the best ever hush puppy’s.  🙂

great blue heron hilton head sc

Great Blue Heron looking for something to eat! I watched this heron for 30 minutes and got some really good shots that I will be posting soon. He didn’t seem to be scared by me at all.




26 thoughts on “Shrimp Boats

  1. The heron is beautiful! We’ve got several prawn trawlers on our canal but around the corner on the other side of the street. Parties on our street always have prawns they’ve caught that day and they are SO good.

    • thank you. Crazy Crab is really good, if you decide to go, be sure to go to the location on hwy 278. Their location at the marina isn’t as good. 🙂 Another couple of places is Steamers and Black Marlin.

  2. Well Michael the last time we were in Hilton Head was during the storm of the century. Twenty years later it’s time to revisit but only after the wedding. Loved the photos, shrimp boats and those decadent dishes. Hopefully one day soon.

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