Three Bucks


I pulled one of my trail cam Sandisk cards and found over 3800 pictures taken since June 1. These are a few of the bucks that got caught on my trail camera!

two-bucks on the mountain

All of these pictures were taken on June 28th early that morning.









Make someone smile today! 🙂

Enjoy your day!


18 thoughts on “Three Bucks

  1. Michael–Gregory will be at your house come deer season 🙂
    He will love seeing these. He got his pictures uploaded yesterday from his trail cam from the hunting property down in Troup Co—bout an hour south of here (LaGrange)—he too has some pictures of some whopper bucks still in the velvet and looking oh so promising—I’m the good sport because I will cook any and all trophies brought home. He is a responsible hunter—always has been—at his age, he figures if it’s not a trophy—let it pass until perhaps the next years—too bad not all who hunt use that mindset.
    Love the pictures—julie

    • Hi Julie, I hope you showed Gregory the bucks! I only posted a few pictures, they were kinda hanging out around the camera. All of these still had their felt antlers too. You are such a great cook, I have never cooked venison. I agree, most hunters just want to get a buck. big hugs – have a great evening! 🙂

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