Strawberry Pies and Tarts


This time of year I love making and eating Strawberry Pies and tarts. Yesterday afternoon I made a pie and tarts. They have been in the  fridge since yesterday but I could not wait any longer to have a taste!! I know it’s just before dinner but what the theck!!


If you like Strawberry pie and tarts, you can get y recipes from my post last year, Best Ever Strawberry Pie recipe! This is a very easy recipe and it is delicious!!!


Photo credit Rina Jordan, wonderful photo of my Walnut Cheese Board, check out her website, Rina Jordan Photography







26 thoughts on “Strawberry Pies and Tarts

  1. My heavens—here I was just thinking about you when a strawberry pie made its way to me—the next best thing would be if that pie was actually sitting in my waiting hands right now!!!
    Looks scrumptious!!!
    Happy cooking and happy wood!!

    • Hi Judy! thank you for pinning, it’s easy. The only suggestion I have is measure out the corn starch into a small cup or something. When it is time to add the corn starch to the water, do it slowly and stir the entire time. If you don’t it will clump and make a mess! Please let me know if you make one! 🙂

  2. I love strawberry season! We go on a strawberry picking field trip Friday, yeah! These pies and tarts look scrumptious. I made one with a chocolate cookie crust last year that was also divine. Good thing dinner is ready now, you have me hungry!

  3. I remember my first Southern strawberry pie at Shoney’s back when I started college in Knoxville. (WAY in the last century) Fruit pies in Maine generally had a crust for a top. I fell in love and learned to make it at home. This post reminds me that I’ve not made one since I moved to Australia. It’s time!

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