Turning an Ice Cream Paddle Handle: Part I

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July 26, 2014


I was lucky enough to purchase a few classic Ice Cream Paddle hardware about a week ago. I want to bring you to my shop and show you how I turn handles for the ice cream paddle hardware. It’s fun and simple!

Curly walnut and blackwood handle ice cream scoop

Ice Cream Scoop handle made using walnut and blackwood.

The process for making the ice cream paddle handle is the same for making an ice cream scoop handle except there is no collar. Go to my Ice Cream Scoops page to see more scoops! An ice cream scoop makes a great gift!


Ice cream scoop handle made using maple, redheart and black veneer.

The above picture was taken by Suzanne at apuginthekitchen.


I could turn the handle from a single piece of wood but that would be simple and the finished handle would not be as unique. So, I plan to use several different types of wood that are different colors to get a nice contrast in color. Maple is a creamy white, while the padauk is an orange color plus I will add a piece of black veneer to add a third color.

Padauk 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1 inch
Hardrock Maple 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 6 inches
1/16 Black veneer 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1/16 inch
Titebond III water proof glue
Sandpaper, 60 grit to 1200 grit
Ice Cream Paddle hardware
Master Gel Finish
Renaissance Wax Polish

Starting with 6/4 inch padauk and maple I cut all the pieces to size on the table saw. I cut the veneer using a veneer cutter. There seems like a lot of pieces but I am going to make two handles, five pieces per handle.


All the pieces are cut to size, next step is to lightly sand each piece before gluing.

Titebond III glue is my preference for gluing wood, it is worth the extra money to me to insure a good bond that is waterproof.

I start by placing all the pieces in sequence on the table of how they will to be glued. Using the Titebond III glue, I place a dab of glue on each piece, spread the glue to get good coverage and then stack the pieces together.


Once all the pieces have glue on them and stacked in the correct order, it’s time to clamp everything together for added pressure and to insure all the pieces make contact. Notice I use wax paper under the glued area so that the oozing glue does not stick to anything.


Clamps are in place, they will stay in the clamps for 24 hours while the glue dries. After the 24 hours I will be ready to clean up the edges and prepare each block for the wood lathe.


Another picture of each block in the clamps plus the ice cream paddle hardware I plan to use.

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“Dreams are a dime a dozen, it’s their execution that counts”

- Theodore Roosevelt

Eastern Kingsnake

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July 25, 2014


I found this Eastern Kingsnake in the garden, since I did not want him hanging around I caught him into a postal bin. This Eastern Kingsnake was every bit of 5 foot long and aggressive. He stood up at me several times, he acted like a king and did not want to be bothered. Kingsnakes give off a smelly musk odor when captured and they also vibrate their tails to scare you.

As you can see the Eastern Kingsnake is a black snake with a banded pattern on its back and the bands are yellow to white color.


Kingsnakes use constriction to kill their prey. They will eat other snakes, including venomous snakes like rattlesnakes as well as lizards, rodents,frogs, birds and eggs.

I took this kingsnake about a half a mile away from the house, I sure hope he doesn’t come back!

Do you have a lot of snakes in your area? What kind of snakes have you seen this summer?

Check out my blog post from last year about all of the Copperhead snakes we have in our area.



Junico Babies

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July 24, 2014


I posted a picture of a Junco nest with eggs about a week ago. Today I hiked back to the nest and found a nest full of newly born chicks. They were all sleeping so I could not tell how many there were and I had to deal with the mom and dad darting at me. I could hardly get a picture taken, they were really mad! It is so much fun to watch nature on the mountain.

Do you feed and watch the birds at your house? How many feeders do you have?






Wonderful Sunset

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July 23, 2014

beautiful sunset

After all the rain for the last 5 days, today we had the most beautiful blue skies and sunset!

About a week ago I posted a picture of Junco bird nest with eggs. Tomorrow evening I plan to hike back to that area to check the nest, I sure hope I find baby birds!


Rain, Rain and More Rain

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July 22, 2014

rain and fog

It is another wet day on the mountain today. Our high temperature yesterday was 79 degrees F with a low of 64 degrees F last night. The mountain received another inch of rain yesterday and looks like more for us today. The fog has settled in and it is currently sprinkling.

This makes for a lazy day but I have too much to get done today!

Enjoy your day! :)




Sea of Ferns

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July 20, 2014


After the rain stopped around lunchtime today I decided to hike along the north side of the mountain where the ferns cover the landscape. July on the mountain brings a sea of ferns in this areas where the ground stays moist. The forest floor has changed so much in the last 4 months but I especially love the sea of ferns that take over this time of year.


We only reached 63 degrees F yesterday but today we will be closer to 80 degree F. Not much sun to speak of yesterday, it rained all day and night and before it finished this morning we had slightly over 1 inch of rain.

 “We love the things we love for what they are.”   — Robert Frost


If you are interested in trading a few garden plants, check out my recent post, Plant Exchange.


Plant Exchange

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July 19, 2014


Plant Exchange plants I received, perfectly packages and arrived safely!

I am doing the Happy Dance!!! It’s fun to find a box full of plants at your mailbox! Check out the pictures of the beautiful plants I received in my trade~! In case you missed my post last week, Plant Exchange , I was looking to trade Lemon Lime hostas for variegated bearded iris.

Elizabeth commented that she had reblooming German Iris, “Stairway to Heaven” to trade and was interested in the Lemon Lime hosta. We emailed and agreed on the trade, I would send her a bunch of eyes of Lemon Lime hosta and she would send me two bearded iris. Next step for us was to prepare and ship the plants.

The above and below pictures are the plants I received from Elizabeth, are they just beautiful! I am very happy with the trade!! She also included as an extra gift, a Begonia. I got the Begonia planted right away and the iris were planted today.

Thank you so much for trading with me Elizabeth!


Reblooming German Iris, “Stairway to Heaven” and Begonia

As you can see in the above picture, she cut the fans on the iris to help them survive the trip to me. By the way, Elizabeth loves the outdoors, excellent photographer, gardener and blogger. She has also posted about our trade, check out her post, Forest Garden Blog.


I shipped the Lemon Lime hostas (above left) and an extra gift, a good size Japanese Iris!


I also cut the Japanese Iris fans to help the iris survive the shipping. My package arrived at her home today, got an email saying that FedEx delivered the package safely to her today. The plants all made the trip beautifully!! She is going to plant the hosta in a containers and was going to give some thought on where to plant the iris before planting.

We were both very happy with the trade and have already talked about doing another trade. Trading is fun and well worth the effort! :)

Now on to proposing another trade! Ok, for my second trade this is what I have;

HAVE:  Japanese-Iris-Jin-Yu, Siberian Iris, Agapanthus Stevie Wonder lily of the Nile and Lemon Lime Hosta. The Japanese-Iris-Jin-Yu is a mature plant as well as the Agapanthus and hosta. The Siberian iris are good size but not full grown. If you are interested in trading please leave a comment letting me know and list what you have for trade. Below here are a few plants, seedlings I am looking for but just make me an offer!

Variegated Bearded Iris
Oxblood Lily bulbs
Crinum Lilies
Striped Solomon’s Seal
Iris cristata
Lily of the Valley
Pink Paniculata Hydrangea seedling
Japanese Maple seedlings
Walnut Tree seedlings
Blueberry seedlings
Black Bamboo




agapanthus stevie wonder lily of the nile

Agapanthus Stevie Wonder lily of the nile

siberian iris

Siberian Iris


The Plant Exchange provides a place where you can offer plants, seed, cuttings and bulbs for trade and make requests for what you are seeking. It’s fun, you offer a plant, seed, cuttings, bulbs to trade for free in exchange for plants, seed cuttings or bulbs in return.

If you are interested, in a “Plant Exchange”, you can post a comments on this page include details of what you have to trade and what you are looking for. If someone is interested, they will comment and email you. Be sure that you include your email so that you can email each other and work out the details of the trade and exchange shipping addresses.

Sorry but I can not be responsible for your trades, trading is done at users’ discretion. Michael’s Woodcraft has no control or responsibility over trades arranged here. Keep in mind some traders may let you down, let’s hope that doesn’t happen, please be fair in your trade. Other might send a free gift, an extra plant that they think you would enjoy having in your garden! :)

The rain has set in for the weekend here on the mountain, our local forecast shows 100% rain today and tomorrow. Great for the garden :) Enjoy your weekend!

 “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”  – Ronald Reagan




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