bobcat Reconyx trail cam picture

I decided this morning to pull the sandisk memory card from my trail cam and see if I had any good pictures. It is always kinda fun to see what animals have been on our property. I had the usual animals, deer, raccoon, ground hogs, coyotes  and always a lot of turkey. Every now and then I will get a black bear but this is the first time I have gotten a bobcat. I have seen this bobcat many, many times but I have never caught him on the trail cam. The last time I saw this bobcat he came running off our front porch as we drove up our driveway. I figured he was looking for our cats.

These pictures were taken by my Reconyx Hyperfire trail cam mounted on a tree  along my driveway. The lights you see in the background are on our gate. I really enjoy my Reconyx trail cam. Each pictures is date and time stamped in the upper left hand corner, an image of the moon is shown and the temperature.  Look at the time stamp on all these pictures. My trail cam took three pictures in time sequence, then the last picture was taken 2 minutes later than the first three. The bobcat is about 15 to 20 feet from the camera.

bobcat reconyx trail cam picture

The bobcat is the only native wild cat that we have in South Carolina. they generally weigh between 9 and 30 pounds. As you can see they are small but muscular with their hind legs longer than its front legs.

bobcat reconyx trail cam picture

They are very secretive cats and are nocturnal preferring thick wooded areas for hunting. Here in the mountains of South Carolina we have a good many bobcats.


This was the last picture taken of the bobcat.

raccoons at night

Raccoons looking for foood.


16 thoughts on “Bobcat

    • Good morning TexWisGirl,
      thank you, it’s very hard to get the bobcat on camera around here. My wife usually makes sure our cats are inside before too late in the day. The coyote start hunting earlier in the evening than the bobcat so we worry morning about the coyotes getting them.

  1. That is fascinating! I have often wished we had a cam to capture wildlife at night. I don’t think we have bobcats, but we definitely have raccoons, who are curious and do all sorts of mischief in the garden. Regarding my persimmon trees: so far the critters haven’t discovered them, but it is only a matter of time!

  2. Hi Michael, thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. That’s some impressive pictures you got, beats my fox photos and videos from my garden here in thickest London! I didn’t know what bobcats were, had to look it up, turns out it’s what we call lynx. I am originally from Norway and where I used to live we had lynx roaming around the houses at night and early morning, but I think they are perhaps much bigger than your bobcats. I used to see them from my bedroom window many times early in the morning in the winter, just before dawn. I used to have cats in Norway, and even though they were outdoors at night, most people considered attacks from lynxes very rare. Perhaps cats wasn’t on their menu?

    I have had a brief look at your blog, some interesting things you make! 🙂 Have a good week.

    • Hi Helene,
      I think the place I want to visit most is London! I am so glad you visited my site. I sure enjoyed reading your site and viewing all your beautiful pictures.

      The Bobcats here are also known as Lynx but most people call them Bobcats. I don’t know much about Norway but I bet it is beautiful. The Bobcats here seem to be shy and will run from humans but they will attack and eat most pets, cats and dogs as well as other animals like chickens, etc.

      Glad you visited my site and I hope you will come back again sometime.

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