New Cutting and Serving Boards


snow on the mountain

Good evening y’all,

We are getting hammered with the snow from Winter Storm PAX! By the time this storm ends we are suppose to have 14 inches! It’s 2o degrees with a wind chill of 11 degrees.

While it is snowing I decided to write this post and introduce my two new cutting board designs. Click the link under the image to see more pictures!

solid Walnut cutting board

Double Handle Cutting Board or Serving Board
10-1/2″ wide X 16″ long X 3/4″ thick

unique cutting baord

walnut double handle cutting board

My new double handle cutting board is a beautiful design and it is practical for moving around food, cooking and serving food straight to the table. It is also great for your everyday kitchen chopping and slicing too. My other new cutting board is a rectangle cutting board.

rectangle cutting board

Rectangle Cutting Board
11-1/4″ wide X 15-1/2″ long X 3/4″ thick

If you need a nice cutting board, this is it!

walnut rectangle cutting board

All of my boards are handcrafted one at a time in my shop. I make both of these boards in a variety of different wood, rock hard Maple, Northern Cherry and Walnut.

What do you think about my new cutting boards?

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm. Enjoy your evening!

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35 thoughts on “New Cutting and Serving Boards

  1. Quick comment to say I love them both! Gotta quit this page because my husband is around and I don’t want him to even realize I bookmarked your site…. I am so excited to give him the cutting boards in a couple of days for V-day!

  2. Looking good Michael—-I’m posting ice pics tomorrow—we lost power, revved up the generator but power is now back on—I think Gregory got a little disappointed it wash’t out longer 😉
    Love the new boards—
    Happy Snow—Julie

    • Hey Julie! I can’t wait to see your ice pictures! Oh gosh, I hate you lost power but I know you guys were prepared. Ha ha, he must like running the generator!! 🙂 We have all snow but we are suppose to get some sleet tonight as well, changing back to snow. I hope the sleet doesn’t cause a power outage for us!

      Stay warm and be safe!

  3. Stunning, Michael! Great design. Glad you are still online. We’ve been watching the news of snow in your area. Beautiful photo! Stay warm. Our snow began around 3:30, and its beautiful here. So cold, its as though we can hear each snowflake hit the ground its so cold. Stay warm! WG

    • thank you Elizabeth! Yes I am glad we have not lost power too, keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂 Snow Day for both of us and into tomorrow! We are getting more than Greenville since we are in the mountains near the NC border. Don’t get out unless it’s an emergency! Be warm!

      • I’ve finally made my own sourdough starter. We’re having sourdough bread (baked earlier today) with a big pot of broccoli cheese soup. We’re in for the duration, as I hope you are, too. Oh the beautiful things you’ll make while it snows! E

        • We saw it change over on the maps. Sorry you’re getting a crust of ice on top of your snow. That will make it interesting getting out of the house- Please be really careful if you need to go out of doors. The texture on the bread turned out perfectly, and its very chewy and good. A good winter’s night supper. All we needed was some lovely cheesecake for dessert…..

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