New Teardrop Cutting Board


I decided I needed to offer a new design board this year for the Holidays! What I came up with is a take off from the teardrop board I offered last year during the Holidays. The teardrop cutting board last year did not have a handle.

teardrop-cutting-board-with-handle          Walnut-cheese-board-teardrop-with-handle

Teardrop Board with Handle

Teardrop shaped but with a handle. The above pictures are walnut but I can also make this board using Birds Eye Maple or Quilted Maple. This board could be used as a serving board, cheese board or cutting board. Link to detail page:  Teardrop Cutting Board



beautiful-cheese-boards          cheese-boards-serving-boards

One of my most popular boards is the round board, the above pictures show this board in Walnut and Birds Eye Maple. In the picture to the far left next to the jar of honey are the Honey Sticks made from Walnut.  Click for more detail:  Cheese Board

Birdseye-Maple-cheese-board          wood-cheese-boards

The first picture shows two beautiful Birds Eye Maple boards, second picture shows a stack off Walnut, Quilted Maple and Birds Eye Maple boards and Honey Sticks! You can find more details here: Honey Sticks

Any of these boards would make a great Christmas gift for family or friends! All of my  boards are handcraft one at a time, so allow plenty of time for me to make the board and don’t forget about shipping transit time!

Be sure to check out my Testimonial page!

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27 thoughts on “New Teardrop Cutting Board

  1. Love the new design—I really enjoy the honey stick—the quality is durable and so practical even when cooking and stirring in a small sauce pot!
    I’ll make my shopping list soon 🙂
    Love and hugs—Julie

      • the Dawgs are off this weekend—getting ready for the big Gator bash next weekend 😉
        I love the idea of a bigger version of the honey stick for mixing as I’ve used this for smaller sauces etc. . .
        I know it’s Clemson’s homecoming—my cousins in Toccoa, Ga are huge Clemson alums and fans!!
        Go Tigers!!!

        • Gators play Georgia at home!! Are you going to the game?
          Debbie gave the larger honey stick or stir stick to her mother yesterday, apparently she had to have it. So I will be making a few more.,,

          Clemson did win yesterday, 16 to 6 🙂

        • Home merely mean home advantage as the games are always in Jacksonville–funny how that always works out. I’ve haven’t’ been to a game since Brenton was in high school 🙂 I’m not a fan of fighting mass hysteria crowds 🙂
          Oh goodie, make a few more of those larger stir sticks—I used my little one this morning to stir my eggs for my omelet –a bigger one would be great—put me down as well 🙂
          hugs and love—Julie

  2. I do like all your woodwork craft items. I’d buy from you this year at a local craft fair if you were local. We’ll see how it goes with holiday purchases this year, I have a pending move and remodel on the list first! Best wishes, Michael!

    • Hey Suzanne, thank you! 🙂 The coconut cake turned out wonderful, everyone loved the icing and it was all gone be the end of the day. I made a old fashion pound cake with lime drizzle and we have about a third left. You icing recipe is great!! THANK YOU!

  3. Looks like I know where I may do some holiday shopping! Stop tempting me all the time, you’re killing me! Honestly, they all look fabulous and I love the teardrop design with a handle.

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